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Our UCITS V Investment Funds

UCITS stands for Undertakings for the Collective Investment in Transferable Securities. UCITS funds are widely recognised as safe and well-regulated investment structures and are popular among many investors, particularly retail investors. 

"Our investment funds are considered the gold standard of Investment Fund Structuring. They ensure the highest level of investor protection and adhere to the highest standards of Corporate Governance. Making these Collective Investment Schemes revered around the world"


Steven John Smith


Ticking All Of The Boxes 

Our UCITS V funds employ Multi Asset Absolute Return investment strategies, which actively aim to reduce volatility that can be witnessed across financial markets. They provide our investors with potentially greater stability in comparison to say that of traditional multi asset or index tracker funds.  

Investing in a UCITS V Investment Fund offers investors a number of benefits and protections.

The most regulated Collective Investment Funds in the EU.

Highly favourable tax and regulatory treatment in the EU.

Widely recognised as offering the highest level of protection to investors.

Considered suitable by all major Pension Trust Companies.

Highly liquid, with our funds offering daily liquidity

Available on all major Investment Platforms.

Regulatory culpability of all service providers to the Fund

Varied fund styles to meet different investors' needs and appetite for risk.

9 Trillion Reasons Why

UCITS provide a robust risk management framework through their prescribed rules on governance, risk diversification/limitation, regulation of service providers and the safekeeping of investors assets.

Today, UCITS account for approximately $9 trillion in assets under management globally. Institutional investors see UCITS as a safe and well-regulated investment option. UCITS requirements are stringent in terms of portfolio composition, use of leverage, use of short sales and transparency. These investor friendly mandates make UCITS funds a logical investment choice for both institutional and retail investors.


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