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Securitization Platform

Securitization is the process of transferring the legal rights over tangible assets or receivables to a special type of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The assets/ receivables are then packaged in a form which allows the SPV to issue securities to investors. 

"Securitization transactions hold significant benefits not only for the originator, but also for investors wanting to obtain access to asset backed income streams that are largely uncorrelated to financial markets."


Kareem Sattar

Senior Executive Officer 

In the Heart of Europe
Our Services

Winthrop Woodrow Asset Management SCC provides consultancy services in the field of capital structure analysis, financial structuring and operations, merger and acquisitions advisory services and advice on accessing debt and equity capital markets. 

As an Investment Company,  Winthrop Woodrow Asset Management provides investment solutions and services to corporations, advisory clients and individuals. We understand that no two clients' objectives or situations are the same. That's why we do not offer "off the shelf" solutions.


Although, many of our clients may have similar objectives, everything we do for our clients is bespoke to them. Ensuring the best possible outcome is achieved for each and everyone of our valued clients. 

6 reasons to use the Winthrop Woodrow
Securitization Platform.

Dedicated Corporate Finance Advisory Team 

Financial structuring & operations all provided in house

Vast experience and embedded networks within debt capital markets

The provision of dedicated and bespoke security packages

An exisiting network of investors already in place

Ability to issue private or listed securities (Subject to Authorisation)

Winthrop Woodrow Asset Management SCC securitization platform is based in Malta. Our decision in selecting Malta for the issuance of our securitizations is down to the highly developed and attractive legal framework that Malta offers. 

Securitization business has been highly supported by successive Maltese governments and local authorities. Moreover, the structuring of securitization transactions is regulated under a dedicated act, the Securitization Act.

Furthermore, the European Commission has provided its endorsement of securitisation transactions. It is widely considered that securitisation transactions can act as catalysts in promoting economic benefits such as enhancing credit, plus investment and job creation across Europe.

Get in touch to find out more

To find our more about how we can support your securitization requirements, please contact us here. 

A member of our team will get in touch with you to find out more about your requirements and talk you through the benefits of our securitization capabilites.  


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