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About Us



Our Story

Winthrop Woodrow had a vision that was born out of every recession and economic downturn the world has ever seen in modern history. The write down in asset values, plummeting financial markets and volatility never seen before, made it all but impossible for investors to find returns on their investment portfolios over the medium to long term. Years of investment returns were eradicated, quite often in just a few days,  or a few short weeks or months. 

Over the past decade and into the present day, the hunt for yield and capital appreciation on one's capital is an ever increasing challenge. Record low interest rates around the globe, inverse yield curves and corporate debt costs at all time record lows, make for challenging conditions for those seeking a return on their capital. Not to mention, pandemic induced global recessions. 

Our range of UCITS V investment funds employ Multi Asset Absolute Return investment strategies, which aim to provide long term stable returns for our investors, whilst minimising the volatility that can be witnessed across global financial markets. We believe that medium to long term capital growth on invested capital should not be subject to potentially substantial write downs in capital value, that can take years to recover. 

Who We Are

Winthrop Woodrow is a multinational financial services group, offering services across Asset Management, Fund Management & Insurance.


Through our range of flagship UCITS V investment funds we offer easy to understand propositions incorporating a range of investment strategies (Greater Preserve, Greater Engage,  Greater Obtain), designed to appeal to clients with varying return objectives and risk tolerance appetites.  

We are trusted by Family Offices, Pension Funds, Institutional Investors, Private Bankers, Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers around the world to achieve the outcomes they desire for their clients.

Winthrop Woodrow invests in non-correlated, multiple asset classes, that are highly liquid and diversified around the globe. All the while, aiming to reduce volatility that can be witnessed in traditional multi asset investment funds. To cap things off, we do this in what is widely considered the most highly regarded regulated fund structures in the world, UCITS V investment funds. 

Our Vision

Winthrop Woodrow has a vision that is simple to express, but has powerful results. We feel that is the best kind. We want to revolutionize the way modern financial services are offered in every corner of the globe. 

In our opinion, Europe leads the way in financial innovation. That's why as a company our Head Office is here. But many areas of the globe are still behind in the realization of how much more efficient, secure and prolific it is possible to be in regards to their financial structuring, deployment and access to capital.

We want to exceed the expectations of our clients, deploy our expertise across developed and developing markets and build strong relationships with the leading economies of tomorrow. 





Multi Asset Absolute Return Investment Strategies

Absolute return investing is a style of investing that seeks to earn a positive return over time, regardless of whether markets are going up, down, or sideways and to do so with less volatility than stock markets. 

Unconstrained by benchmarks, absolute return strategies can flexibly adjust to changing market conditions and emerging risks, making them attractive choices to diversify traditional portfolios.

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Our Range of UCITS V Investment Funds

UCITS stands for Undertakings for the Collective Investment in Transferable Securities. UCITS funds are widely recognised as safe and well-regulated investments and are popular among many investors, particularly retail investors. 

Our UCITS V funds all employ Absolute Return investment strategies, which actively aim to reduce volatility that can be witnessed across financial markets. They provide our investors with potentially greater stability in comparison to say that of an index tracker fund. 

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What We Offer

Relationship Management Wherever You Are

As a Financial Intermediary, our Relationship Managers are always on hand to support your. 


We are committed to ensuring you have all the tools you need in order to effectively communicate the most up to date information to your Clients.  

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Low Fees So Investors Keep More Of Their Money 

Winthrop Woodrow Asset Management is continually committed to lowering the costs of investing to our investors. 

We align our interests to our Investors. The more success we bring to our Investors, the more successful we are. 

We want to ensure that as much of our Investors' money remains invested in their portfolios as possible. Working away for their future. Where it belongs. 

Access To Our Investment Funds

Our UCITS V fund range is available with a large array of credible Investment Platforms, Life Companies and Fund Supermarkets.


In the event that your preferred investment provider does not currently offer access to our fund range, please contact us and we would be happy to ensure that our investment options are available for you with your chosen provider. 

You can of course also access our range of UCITS V Funds directly. 

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Deep Industry Knowledge

We often say our client base is like the universe. It started small, but has been continually expanding ever since.  

Our deep rooted knowledge and experience in managing assets across a diverse range of industries gives us a solid footing in almost every type of commerce. From Construction, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Technology, Retail, Finance and Automotive to name a few.

Applying our unique, forward thinking, Multi Asset Absolute Return management style, to traditional problems faced by most Asset Managers of today, enables us to be ahead of our competitors. Particularly in volatile markets. 

Part of our well heeled knowledge stems from the fact that we align our interests to our Investors. We are proud in the fact that we align our success to that of our Investors. Put simply, the more successful our clients are, the more successful we are. 



Years of Experience & Quality
of Our People

Our executive management can point to over 120 years of cumulative Banking and Financial services experience. Along with our dedicated Associate Team of professionals, we have a proposition that retains a family feel relationship with our Clients. Something that can be lost in large organizations. 


While many companies may boast about their number of offices and members of staff, we do not see the need. We are not a company of thousands. And we do not want to be. Our people have extensive experience, skill and aptitude across their applicable fields. We let our results do the talking. 


At Winthrop Woodrow, we believe in the quality of our people to serve our clients. Not the quantity.  

Proven Experience in Supporting Financial Advisers 

All of our Relationship Management work is conducted in house. Meaning we take full responsibility and put full faith in our operational and client servicing capabilities. 

Our holistic approach to our service proposition often means our work streams are concluded in a far more succinct manner and avoids any fragmentation issues faced by using a number of different entities in supporting your work flow and placing of business. 

The greatest advantage to our Financial Intermediary model is the fact that it offers our clients a joined up approach across our service offerings. You will never be kept waiting by us. Because we can't point to anyone one but ourselves. 

Why Us



Malta Office 

Vision Exchange Building,

Territorials Street,


BKR 3000


Tel; + 356 (0) 27 78 13 13


London Office


Level 1, Devonshire House

One Mayfair Place 




United Kingdom

Tel; +44 (0) 20 70 31 51 00


Kuala Lumpur 

Level 8 & 9, Menara UAC

Jalan PJU7/5 Mutiara Damnsara

Selangor, Petaling Jaya

Kuala Lumpur


Tel; + 603 (0) 76 66 50 56


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